What we offer

The Refuge

A typical Alpine refuge, accessible on foot or by mountain bike, overlooking the beautiful Ombretta valley and from which you can see on the U.N.E.S.CO. heritage main peaks: Antelao, Pelmo, Civetta and overhead the Marmolada, with its imposing Southern wall.

Along the various routes between unique panoramas you can observe the varied alpine flora, wildlife (impossible not to see at least a marmot, ibex meet maybe around the corner on the trail higher and more careful and lucky observers may see also chamois or eagle) and artifacts of World War I that make the region a veritable outdoor museum.

During the opening season (20 June to 20 September guaranteed by) is a refreshment and overnight stay open every day. For dining reservation is required for more than 10 people; for overnight stays you should bookwith special advance especially for the weekends or in the case of large groups.

In closing time, on the back of the sanctuary, is the winter shelter not guarded with 6 beds and blankets, as well as a telephone for emergency calls: Please use the shelter only when necessary for the time necessary and having respect for others leaving the restaurant as it is found.


Cooking offers a wide choice of simple but tasty dishes.
Fresh vegetable minestrone is ideal to refresh themselves after a hike, but to start goes equally well even a plate of pasta with homemade sauces.

Polenta cooked over a wood fire lends itself well to accompany grilled or cured cheeses and sausages. The mushrooms are particularly suitable together with chops.

For a quick lunch or for children to try the sandwich with the traditional pastin (fresh meat mashed and seasoned with spices and herbs, broiled) & fries.

Finally to top it off there is nothing better than a slice of homemade cake recipes of grandmother Agnes, from Apple strudel to Sachertorte, passing through the forest fruit tarts we must hurry to order, or wait for the next batch, maybe in a shelter.


Sleep in a real refuge is a thing to try, is a collection of unique experiences with the walk during the day you can unfortunately take.

Colorful crayon coloring the massifs of the Dolomites at sunset at dinner sitting maybe side by side at some giant of mountaineering, sipped brandy while listening to stories of men and mountains to gaze at the milky way that can be given at bedtime until wake up at dawn to see the sun rise and coloring the sky, these are just some of the reasons why it is worth to stay overnight with us.

Of course it is also an ideal stopover point for schedule a challenging hike or to calmly deal with a simple, perhaps with children in tow.

The Rooms

We have 4 rooms with shared bathroom, for a total of 16 beds, distributed as follows:

  • 1 room with 2 beds
  • 2 rooms with 4 beds
  • 1 room with 6 beds

The beds have pillows and already prepared with linen and duvets.
All beds are bunk beds (we are in a shelter, etc.).

An overnight stay with dogs is only possible in room.

Hot shower surcharge.

The Camerata

The big common dormitory can accommodate on bunk beds and cots for up to 40 people.

The beds have pillows and blankets.

As required by regulation C.A.I. is compulsory to wear a sleeping sheet, possibly available at the refuge.

Hot shower surcharge.